Balance by definition is a condition where different elements are equal or in the correct proportions.

Finding balance is something Matt Costanzo, Architect, strives for in life and with each design he creates. “I want to understand the perspective of everyone involved – the client, the contractor, and the architect. If each discipline is in balance, and is sharing value proportionally, a better project is created and executed.”

As a child growing up on the eastern end of Long Island, Matt had the opportunity to spend a great deal of time on construction sites with his uncle who was a general contractor. He started as a 12-year-old helper cleaning windows. After a few years, Matt worked his way up to framing homes in the Hamptons. He was able to look through the architectural drawings and details, seeing how the architect envisioned the project, and then seeing first-hand what each craftsman contributed with their precision and expertise. As a result, his understanding of – and love for – the balance of design and construction developed.

Matt carried this unique perspective to Clemson University, where he received an undergraduate degree in construction science and management, and later to Boston Architectural College where he received a master’s degree in architecture. Matt’s professional experience includes working for Sandy Allen Contruction Management in Southampton, New York, Smallwood Reynolds Stewart and Stewart, a large commercial architecture firm in Atlanta, and the residential design firm of James F. Carter, Architect in Birmingham.

Clients have shared that Matt is “easy to work with” and a “great listener.” Matt takes the time to understand what means the most to a family/client. “I love designing residences that are well-planned and have purpose. At the end of the day, I want my clients to feel that I met their goals, exceeded their expectations, and provided a design that worked for their particular budget. Great design provides a comfortable feeling, so that being in the room or space just feels right.”

Matt Costanzo, owner of MVC Residential Design

Matt Costanzo, registered architect and owner of Matthew V. Costanzo, Architect

Whether it’s finding the balance between classical details and the needs of a modern family, or the balance between a quality design and a client’s budget, Matt’s multifaceted experience gives him an insight and perspective that few other firms can provide.

Matt has lived in Mountain Brook, Alabama for the past 20 years with his wife Lisa and their daughter Julia.

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